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Acomplia information

Acomplia is an anti-obesity drug oral prescription which acts as an appetite suppressant. It was made saleable in the UK and rest of Europe in June, 2006 by an agreement made by the 25 member European Union. It is a promising weight loss drug with Rimonabant as its chief component, which was discovered and manufactured by a French pharmaceutical firm, Sanofi-Aventis.

How Acomplia works

Acomplia diet drug works by obstructing the CB-1 receptors which regulate the food and nicotine intake. When these receptors are blocked, it automatically leads to a reduction in appetite. This activity, in turn causes weight loss. It has shown considerable weight loss when accompanied with a restricted diet and regular workout.

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Acomplia benefits

Apart from weight loss, Acomplia benefits can be reflected in smoking cessation and improvement in the cardiovascular/metabolic risk factors associated with obesity. It can reduce the chances of weight regain as proved in the 2 years clinical studies.

Acomplia success story

Acomplia is a promising weight loss drug, which is effective in weight loss and also reduces the chances of weight regain. Due to its affordable price range and minimal side effects it has become a rage among obese people you want to loose weight.

Acomplia precautions

Intake of Acomplia should be avoided by pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers. It is advisable that you make your doctor aware of your medical history, including consumption of any other medication. This precautionary measure can help to avoid contradiction of Acomplia medication.

Prior discussion with your doctor is recommended before you embark upon Acomplia medication.

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