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Ionamin works effectively in managing obesity for a short term. It gives best results when combined with proper diet plan, exercise and will to lose weight.

How to take Ionamin?

  1. Take the prescribed Ionamin diet pill dose on time with a full glass of water
  2. The pill can be cut into half but do not crush or chew
  3. Don’t worry if you miss a dose. Take it as soon as possible. Don’t take two doses at once; doubling up of the medicine is strictly not to be done.
  4. Avoid taking the dose in the late evening

Side effects of Ionamin

Ionamin side effects are visible in the first few days such as blurred vision, dry mouth, sleeplessness, upset stomach, irritability and constipation. In case these symptoms persist, consult your doctor at the earliest.

Precautions that needs to be taken

  1. Ionamin is contra signified in patients with arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease while moderate to severe hypertension.
  2. Do not take Didrex if you are pregnant or breast feeding.
  3. Don’t share Didrex medicine with others
  4. Don’t use Didrex for other health conditions.
  5. Keep Didrex out of the reach of children

Keeping these precautions in mind will help you in minimizing the mal affect of Ionamin. If you have the will to lose weight, then there could be no better solution than Ionamin. 

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