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How Phentermine Works?

Phentermine is an oral prescription weight loss drug. Phentermine is also identified by numerous names such as Phentermine hydrochloride, anorectic and anorexigenic drug. Phentermine pills are ideal for people having 28 or above BMI (Body Mass Index) level or severe weight loss problems.

It works on the principle of stimulating the central nervous system, and henceforth increasing the heart rate and blood pressure. This activity helps in the reduction of your appetite, causing weight loss. Intake of Phentermine, in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercising wisely, can get you optimistic weight loss results.

The customary dose of Phentermine is 30mgs/day. Phentermine is available in both capsule and tablet form with varying strength. You should begin with the lowest dosage. Phentermine is usually taken once daily, on an empty stomach before breakfast. The dosage may vary from individual to individual. Your doctor may prescribe you a dosage suitable to your heath conditions. Strictly adhere to your doctor’s prescription to obtain optimistic weight loss results.

Phentermine should be avoided if you have any of the following conditions:

 Heart disease
 High blood pressure
 Glaucoma
 Thyroid problems
 Anxiety disorder
 Diabetes
 Epilepsy or any other seizure disorder

Refrain from Phentermine if you are consuming monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) to deal with depression. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are also advised not to consume Phentermine. Talk to your doctor regarding the prospective risks involved with usage of Phentermine.

You may encounter Phentermine side effects like blurred vision, sleeplessness, irritability, dry mouth, constipation, and stomach upset for the initial days after consuming Phentermine. These side effects are temporary and mild in their intensity. Usage of Phentermine may also increase heart rate and blood pressure. Seek immediate medical help incase these side effects persist over a span of time.

Phentermine FDA approval

Phentermine got FDA approval as an appetite suppressant in 1959 for short-term treatment for obesity. In fact, the success of Phentermine as a weight loss drug is most likely due to being one of the oldest FDA endorsed weight loss drugs in the pharmaceutical market, and its affordability than other diet pills.

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