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Reasons for Weight Gain

Gaining weight is a natural phenomenon among human beings. But, the reasons for weight gain may vary from person to person.

Everything seems perfect within limits same is the case with weight. If it is in limit then its fine otherwise you may get inclined to number of diseases. Gaining excessive weight will add you into the list of obese people. Some people believe that overeating and eating high calorie food are the only reasons for weight gain. But, this is not true; there are many other reasons behind weight gain.

Common reasons for weight gain are:


It is a common tendency among human beings that they are not cautious about what they eat. In this context, eating more than what is needed by the body results in the accumulation of fats which ultimately results in weight gain.


Changing lifestyle is also one of the reasons for weight gain. Tight daily schedule when you don’t have enough time to eat meals on time. And substituting meals with fast food leads to obesity. Laziness is also one of the reasons for weight gain, not going for walks and avoiding exercise contributes to weight gain in a larger proportion.


The diet you take is also one of the reasons for weight gain. High calorie diet and oily food contributes to weight gain.

Medical Problems

Weight gain is found to be a common symptom of many diseases such as brain tumor, diabetes, encephalitis, hypercortisolism, hypoglycemia and many more.

Stress and boredom is also seen to be a one of the fact that results in weight gain. Unhappiness with life and depression will results in eating more, ultimately adding more weight.

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